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Event management

Improve your event success

Use Eventsbowl powerful event management suite of analytics and reporting tools to measure your event success and identify areas of improvement with easy.

Customer intelligence

Eventsbowl goes the extra mile in data capture and database management to provide you with intelligence on your customers to assist in understanding your audience, and creating accurate buyer profiles.

Consolidate your data

Using one centralized dashboard for sales, registrations, marketing, and event management, Eventsbowl provides an intuitive platform which consolidates your data using cloud technology so everything you need is at your fingertips.

Full list of our event management features

Centralised dashboard

One central location for all the reporting and promotional tools, accessible anywhere

Multiple user access

Unlimited number of users with open or restricted access to easily manage your planning and distribute work

Automated notifications

Distribute shifts and important information with one click, sending direct to email or via text message

Database management

Create, import and maintain your employee database

Event finances

Analyse profit & loss data per event for accurate event financials

Payment processing

We integrate with all the most popular payment processing providers, local and international.