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Event marketing with Eventsbowl

Watch your event go viral

Eventsbowl provides you with all the tools you need to market your event, send targeted promotional campaigns and create viral awareness about your event.

Grow your audience

Use the instant power of social media to turn every ticket buyer into your brand ambassador, promoting your event to their networks with seamless social sharing.

Powerful marketing tools

Make sure you‘re getting value for your marketing efforts with easy to use tools and enhanced analytics all from one dashboard. Schedule and track your campaigns through email marketing, and social media. Real time data allows you to respond quickly and see how you can improve conversions. From open rates, bounce rates, click through and more, you‘ll know not only who saw your message but whether or not it drove them to buy.

Build Awareness

Engage with your fans before, during and after your event, building a loyal community. Increase conversions with targeted campaigns based on personal buyer profiles.

Full list of our promotion features

Multi-channel platform

Consolidate your marketing and promotion across email marketing, and social media promotion

Automated marketing

Schedule targeted promotional events in advance, and include social sharing

Measure ROI

Track the clicks and conversions of each campaign with unique links to discover your most effective marketing plan


Discount codes

Create a variety of discount and promotional codes

Customer data capture

Capture key data with customized options for greater analysis and understanding of your audience

100% data ownership

Create, import and manage your customer database retaining 100% ownership and control

Social media promotion

Utilize your customer social media networks as an additional promotional channel

Real time stats

See your marketing campaign success in real time with access to stats and reports any time, anywhere